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technical features of lpg vaporizer regulators 72 C4 - 83 C5

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POLIAUTO 72 C4 and 83 C5 are professional devices developed to vaporize liquid LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and to reduce and regulate the pressure of gaseous LPG, in order to properly feed the engines.

Both of these special devices are equipped with an exclusive booster system, made by an injector, working together with an extremely thin and sensitive diaphragm which moves freely and detects even the slightest suction of venturi air-gas mixer. It does this in a way that easily drives the gas flow through the second stage valve of regulator directly to the engine. These gas regulator devices are suitable for automotive use when quick acceleration is a needed feature.

Moreover the idle-gas-flow of these regulators are very stable. This is due to the fact that the idle gas is controlled by a separate conical regulating screw and not by the main gas valve like many other conventional gas device.

The LPG vaporizer-regulators, POLIAUTO type 72 C4 and type 83 C5, have the same basic designs and working principles but different maximum gas flow rates.

Type 72 C4 can deliver up to 25 Kg/h LPG, type 83 C5 is able to deliver a gas flow up to 50 Kg/h. This is a high enough flow to feed even the largest engines that reach up to approximately 250 HP.

This great flow capacity occurs beause of the large dimension of internal valves as well as the great heat exchange surface between motor coolant and vaporizing liquid LPG. This feature is particularly useful in case of cold engine starting.

The vaporizer-regulators 72 C4 and 83 C5 are approved in accordance with the ECE/UN Regulation 67-01 concerning uniform provisions for specific equipment of motor vehicles using LPG in their propulsion system.

The electronic safety device EU 1 constantly detects the engine's condition in order to close the gas inlet lock-off valves when the engines stops, regardless of the key's position.

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