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VIR 100 gas regulator

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VIR 100

This gas regulator is suitable for gas injection systems for
4 cylinder engines with both LPG and CNG fuel.

The gaseous LPG enters the gas regulator where it is then filtered by one magnetic and two mechanical filters which protect the regulation stage of the regulator as well as protecting the JET gas injectors.
With most LPG systems vaporization and pressure reduction are used by one single device. However the POLIAUTO LPG injection system keeps these functions separate in order to better control the regulation process and to better the filtering of the LPG. This is the reason why the reduced gas pressure of this system is extremely stable and makes the gas devices last for a longer period of time.
This device is approved in accordance with ECE/UN R67-01

This device can be used as a second stage regulator of the CNG injection system.
It is approved in accordance with ECE/UN R110 class 1-2-3
i.e. suitable for
Maximum Working Pressure 30 bar.
A proper first stage regulator must be connected upstream for this device to reduce the inlet pressure.

P/N 07/4417

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